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Patient’s perceptions of cholesterol, cardiovascular disease risk, and risk communication strategies.
Goldman RE, Parker DR, Eaton CB, Borkan JM, Gramling R et al.
Annals of Family Medicine 2006;4(3):205-212.

Randomised controlled trial of animal facilitated therapy with dolphins in the treatment of depression
Christian Antonioli, Michael A Reveley
BMJ volume 331 26 November 2005

Systematic review of the clinical efficacy and safety of sevelamer in dialysis patients.
Tonelli M, Wiebe N, Culleton B, Lee H, Klarenbach S, Shrive F et al.
Nephrol.Dial.Transplant.2007; 22:2856-66

Risks & Benefits of Omega 3 Fats for Mortality, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer: Systematic Review
Lee Hooper, Rachel L Thompson, Roger A Harrison, et al
BMJ 2006;332;752-760;

Cost effectiveness of nurse led secondary prevention clinics for coronary heart disease in primary care: follow up of a randomised controlled trial
James P Raftery, Guiqing L Yao, Peter Murchie, et al
BMJ 2005;330;707