Birmingham Critical Appraisal Skills Programme

Crib Sheets

Cribsheets are core questions that aid you to critically appraise a research paper. The cribsheet includes a number of italicised prompts after each question to remind you why the question is important.

Example Blank Crib Sheets

Here you have some blank models that you can download:

CASP 11 Questions for an RCT.zipexample crib sheet for an RTC

CASPi 12 questions for econ eval.zipexample crib sheet for an Economic Evaluation

ten questions Qualitative research.zipexample crib sheet for Qualitative research

ten questions Systematic review.zipexample crib sheet for a Systematic Review

Crib Sheet Requests

CASPb prepare crib sheets for anyone from CASPb who is running a workshop. These are available upon request. Contact Karen Biddle for more information.